AUIDF - Admissions Training Course

AUIDF - Admissions Training Course

The AUIDF course is designed to be a standard induction program for University staff who are dealing with international admissions matters and is available to admissions staff to use as an on-going reference in their day-to-day work.

The AUIDF Admissions Training Course will also be of value to any staff member who is marketing of behalf of a University, or its pathway partner/s, and wishes to gain a sound knowledge of relevant admissions processes, procedures and issues.

PIER provides a full featured online course platform and administration app for the AUIDF course, enabling admissions staff to easily access the training and management tools they need to handling international admissions.

In order to access the course, you must be provided with an invite from the course administrator at your University, and log-in and create your password. If you have not received an invite and wish to make a request for an invite from the administrator,send an email request to the administrator at

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